Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Star Wars minions group

During our maths lessons we are discovering fractions.
We are answering and proving who ate the biggest piece of chocolate. 

"If all four students bought the same size chocolate bar.  Kathy ate 2/7 of her bar, Xavier eats 2/9 of his bar, Mark eats 2/11 of his bar and Blake eats 2/13 of his bar. 
Who ate the most?" 

The group all thought, Blake ate the most because 13 is the biggest number. 

We made our own chocolate bars to find how much of the chocolate each student ate. 

Reflections and learning:

We now agree that Kathy ate the most as 2/7 is bigger than 2/13.
"The bigger the number at the bottom means the piece gets smaller" - Isabella
"The bottom number tells us how many pieces are in the whole." Blake

A fraction has two parts.
a denominator - the bottom number (how many pieces of chocolate in a whole bar)
a numerator - the top number (the pieces of chocolate eaten).

Great learning Team!!

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  1. What a huge amount of learning you have had to do with this task! I'm so pleased that you worked out who ate the biggest piece and that you could all justify your answers and show your thinking!