Tuesday, 9 August 2016

MATHS Week 2016: Please discuss this with your family and friends and post a comment

Can you guess what this is??

What would you use it for and how would it work??

How old do you think it could be??

Please send any of your answers and/or pictures of students to Kimm@sunnyhills.school.nz

Answers will be posted on the Maths blog in a few days time.


  1. So far students think it could be a train, a locked box or a table....
    Do you agree or disagree and why??

    We think it is around 100 to 1000 years old?

    Raymond thinks it could be designed to be old it is painted or something.

  2. Maybe be it is 120 years old . A type of safe? Isabelle V

  3. Great thinking Isabelle! What made you think it was a safe?

  4. Tekau ma ono- We think it is a machine like a printer or a money maker. We think it was built in the 1980s or 1940s or 1920s or perhaps 1800s.

  5. Tekau ma iwa - Think it is a safe, a cash register, a motor, a music box ...

    We think it is 100 or 120 years old?

  6. Room 18 think:

    Its an olden days calculator that can count to 100,000 or higher. It is about 300-400 years old.(Wilmer)

    I agree with Wilmer but I think it is about 250 years old. (Matthew)

    I agree that it is a calculator. You twist the wheels to do the calculations. (Samantha)