Thursday, 30 June 2016

Student Voice....

Group 12: 

Dylan says "it is different and I didn't even know i was doing Maths." "We use harder numbers" "When we leave the maths room we have to tell you what we learnt today." "Our mistakes gets our brain bigger." 

Lucy S says " I learnt multiplication by using arrays" "we played games like build me up to learn our basic facts." "whats my number helps me to add and takeaway big numbers." "I enjoy problem solving and we work them out with our strategies then we write it a maths way."

 Regan says "Using arrays help with multiplication" "using the words 'groups of' for multiplication" "Its easier, I don't have to keep on adding on now " 

Isabella says " it feels not like Maths at all, instead you do writing, reading and spelling not just numbers" "I'm getting to national standard now" 

Chloe says- " practicing making tens with the cups, sticks and symbols helped me be more confident with numbers." " Family facts helped me with subtraction and pluses and times" "we found arrays on our ceiling lights and we know 3 groups of 4 is 12 and that means 3 x 4 = 12. 

Group 11: 

Lucy says " It makes me understand better not just the teacher but my classmates too." "I am more confident about Maths, I'm not so nervous to answer Maths questions anymore." "It helps me with my basic facts, because the numbers in our word problems are in our basic fact sheets in the class and I easily know how to answer it." " Maths gets me thinking and when I think I get better at Maths." 

Lizzie says " Maths class has helped me as I get to share my ideas, Maths class helps me by learning things I did not know." I like to share my ideas with my group." 

Faith " Maths helps me learn new things in a different way, like measuring stuff for our pancakes. We also used fractions as part of our measurement." Maths helps me learn my times tables as it is in our word problems." 

Abby says "Its Sad we have to leave" "I have learnt so much."

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