Thursday, 30 June 2016

Student Voice - Continued

Group 13
Kevin says "rainbow maths helped me learn number patterns to 10" " I learnt my family of facts, to help my plus and minus" "the number line is a really good strategy to help me answer problems." "Now I know how to do division."

Ali says " I learnt how to do what's my number with Bodhi" "I  know how to do karate maths with all its signs, it helps me remember the names." "I learnt how to add 49 + 52 = ? - you do 50 + 40 = 90, add on the 9 is 99 and then add 2 more to make 101. Or I can
Change 49 into 50 by adding 1. so it becomes 50 + 51 = 101"

Bodhi says " It made me better with family of facts, it made me learn my times." "whats my number makes me use bigger numbers" "Rainbow maths and Minecraft crafts makes me better at basic facts in the class." " I learnt the practice standards and how I learn Maths." "I use the talk moves to help me learn other peoples strategies."

Sophie says " I now know Maths is all around us." " Making 10, playing closest to 100, cup and stick games all help me with my basic facts and my 10 knowledge" " i Learnt fractions by word problems and drawing on the  board."

Keeley says "I learnt subtraction with high number by using my 10 knowledge."  "sharing lunch problem helped me equally share and learn division." "Maths is a big part of learning, and it can be writing and art, anything really." " I know how to write and draw thirds." " Math problems help me have a story with the numbers, it make it easier."

Group 14

Khan says "Learning about arrays help me with groups and that is what times is" "Whats my number helped me with my subtraction with high numbers." "The games make Maths fun, it makes it easier to learn." " Closest to 100 helped me with my timestables."
"Making 10 was a game to help me learn the different ways."

Arkasha - "Arrays and multi link blocks help with me with my strategies and figuring out my answers." "Helped me see patterns that helped me work out answers." closest to 100, salute and making 10 has helped me learn my basic facts."

Prabhdeep " I learnt my takeaways playing the game 23" "Using the cards helped me with my basic facts to 10 and 20" "Listening to others strategies, helps me."

Shayden " Times is just like plus, adding groups or repeated addition." "I know what a cline is now, it shows smallest to biggest." "putting numbers into groups" " talking with others helps me remember."

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