Thursday, 30 June 2016

Student Reflections of Maths Sessions - 5b

Jasmine- "l learnt a lot of different strategies."
Aureli " making mistakes grows our brains."
Elise " I learnt arrays."
Ryan " I learnt cooking can be Maths." 
Heath " I learnt doubling and halving and seeing it as an array."
Emma " I learnt about arrays and that maths is everywhere."
Zaina " I learnt new strategies from my peers, I learnt about grams."
Doreen " I learnt more efficient strategies from other kids.  I know my mistakes help me learn."
Mathew " I learnt new strategies that are better than algorithms." I know half of a third in 1/6."
Sunny " I learnt new strategies to use in my classroom." 
Samuel " I learnt that you can use algorithms although there are more efficient strategies." 


  1. I learned a lot from the maths group, I hope all the others do.